Create more impact

Process and Productivity Improvement

Providing practical, result-oriented solutions using continuous improvement methodologies to help optimizing business and creating a competitive advantage. Services focus on improving process efficiencies, optimizing the utilization of resource, increasing top-line and reducing cost.

Expert Guidance

Market Research

Providing quantitative and qualitative customized business to business (B2B) research to help clients build brands, shape strategy and drive growth. Services include decision critical insights, market dynamics, positioning and segmentation study, opportunity analysis, business intelligence, and digital marketing for small-size to large corporations.


The Path to Success

Data Science and Analytics

Transforming data into actionable insights through data analytics, trend identification, data mining, predictive modeling and data science techniques. The solutions are custom designed for your challenging problems with structured or unstructured data, big and small to creating a competitive and strategic advantage.

Root of Evolution


Providing alternative with the most cost effective or highest achievable performance under conditions. The solutions are modeled based on your environment and solved using techniques of operations research for a better decision.



     Nowadays, there is a huge number of real-world big data projects, it’s clear that machine learning is already forcing massive changes in the way companies operate.

     Founded in early 2017, Coraline seeks to be the acknowledged leader in Data Science and Operations Research in searching for new solutions and bringing customer’s big data into the real action.
     We dedicate to provide deep knowledge of Data Science, Machine Learning, Optimization and Productivity Improvement to people who want to understand the power of analysis, unlock the complex conditions, and look for something outside the box. Our custom design algorithm is made under customer’s conditions with optimal cost. We, CORALINE, work with some passions to help our customer innovate what they need with heart and sincerity.