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Cloud Engineer


  • Create solutions on the cloud for clients and Implement new cloud technologies across multiple cloud offerings e.g., Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Develop and implement technical efforts to build and deploy Cloud Platform applications at the direction of lead architects, including large-scale data processing, computationally intensive statistical modeling, and advanced analytics.

  • Collaborate with data engineer, system engineer, and internal teams to evaluate and identify optimal cloud solutions, new technologies, performance and budget.

  • Resolve issues involving Cloud Infrastructure.

  • Monitor Cloud system performance and Cloud cost.

  • Provide guidance, consultation and technical support to the team.


  • Bachelor's Degree in any related field.

  • At least 1-2 years of experience in the field of cloud computing.

  • Experience in some of the following areas e.g., database architecture design, ETL, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

  • Certifications on Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform would be a plus.

  • Ability to translate and clearly formulate technical issues project.

  • Good command of English.

  • A good team player.